Burns Original BBQ – Houston

Burns Original BBQ has got to be one of the best East Texas-style BBQ joints on the planet. The Burns family has been doing it so right here for a very long time – just amazing!! Totally worth the trip to the Acres Homes area from wherever you are in the metro Houston area. The pork ribs are not to be missed. Underneath that pile of ribs was some amazing brisket. The sauce was perfect for both. As well, the beans and potato salad were delicious. Their house-made sausage was dang near perfect. And the value for the money cannot be beat. I’ve gotta go back soon!

I thought that Central Texas BBQ was untouchable (and it is the quintessential Texas BBQ). But I’ve learned that East Texas BBQ is also truly amazing stuff.

2 thoughts on “Burns Original BBQ – Houston

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