Reveille Barbecue Co – Magnolia

If you’re anywhere near the Tomball, Pinehurst or Magnolia areas, you’ve got to visit Reveille Barbecue Co. James and Michael really know their barbecue, and they are most assuredly going to become one of the best barbecue spots in the metro Houston area. Go give them a try!

They just started up a few weeks ago. But don’t let that dissuade you – they’ve got their act together and they already have their barbecue dialed in — it is flat out fantastic. I tried the brisket, turkey and jalapeno sausage, plus some of their Texlote corn. The brisket had an amazing bark, with a hefty amount of black pepper, which I love! The fat was perfectly rendered and the flavor was incredible – partly because of how well they smoke it (in their reverse-flow pit designed and built by Arnis Robbins from Evie Mae’s out in Wolfforth, near Lubbock) and partly because they are using some of the best brisket in the world from 44 Farms, another incredible Texas-based company. The turkey was not over-saturated with smoke and had great flavor and moistness. And the jalapeno sausage was pretty good. I’m hopeful that they’ll start making their own sausage at some point, as I have tried James’ homemade sausage before and it is phenomenal. The barbecue sauce, though certainly not needed, was great. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I drank the rest of my sauce straight out of the container and then licked it clean. And as if they don’t already do enough, they also make their own pickles and pickled peppers, all of which are outstanding. Go get some ‘cue from them – you won’t be sorry.

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