Pappa Charlie’s Barbecue – Cypress

I’d heard that Pappa Charlie’s Barbecue had found a new home in Cypress near SH290 and Spring Cypress. So i just had to give them a try. Their brand of BBQ had a good smoky flavor. The brisket was tasty with a great peppery bark, but it was a bit undercooked, as the fat was not translucent and thus was a bit chewy. The pork ribs were tasty with a nice bark & glaze, but again undercooked. The meat did not come away cleanly from the bone. The sausage was more than adequate and the barbecue sauce was good. I am a sucker for good creamed corn. And this version was excellent, with black pepper and jalapeño bits, I believe. The only odd thing about the whole experience was that Cypress Hideout is a sit-down restaurant with table service, rather than the “order at the counter” experience typical of most BBQ joints I’ve visited. Even so, Pappa Charlies is worth a visit.

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