About Me

My name is Dave. And I have a problem. I am addicted to smoked food. That’s the first step towards recovery, right? Well, the truth is, I don’t want to recover. I love smoked food, especially Texas barbecue, but also pretty much anything smoked or grilled. I’ve had the fortune of traveling all over the world, and I have found that I enjoy eating many different kinds of food from many different cultures. I am always happy to get back home to Texas, though, and enjoy some of my favorite foods from some of my favorite Texas BBQ joints.


This is just a hobby for me – I love traveling around Texas to experience how different pitmasters prepare their meats, to try the sides (ya gotta enjoy the sides too, right?) and to enjoy the different styles of Texas barbecue – yes, there are actually different styles of barbecue even within Texas. Take a look at this great article on the regional variations. I also love smoking and grilling my own food. I just don’t find near enough time to do so. I have used a variety of grills/smokers over the years. I am currently using a Traeger pellet grill – I know it is not a “stick burner”. But I am past the “tend the fire at all hours of the night” phase. The convenience of using a pellet grill cannot be understated, and the results are always tasty.

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