Feges Barbecue – Long Point Location

The amazing team of Erin Smith and Patrick Feges, proprietors of Feges Barbecue (just recently named as one of the top 50 BBQ joints in Texas) have been delivering incredible barbecue and equally amazing sides and desserts for a number of years now. Their first brick-and-mortar location was at a food court in Greenway Plaza in Houston. I got my first Feges experience a couple years ago and was blown away. The food they have been delivering there is simply astounding, especially given the limited floorspace they have in the food court. Their menu at Greenway Plaza is tremendous. So when they opened their Spring Branch location, on Long Point earlier this year, they had a ton more floorspace, which allows them to be even more creative. And the menu there reflects it. In my first visit to the Spring Branch location with my barbecue buddy, Barry, I was blown away by both the extent and the diversity of the menu. Truly an incredible selection of meats, sides and desserts, including very recent addition, a Carolina barbecue specialty – whole hog. I am a big fan of this style of barbecue. So that was pretty much a no-brainer for me. And yet, I was intrigued with their Cracklin Nachos. I’m also a mega fan of pork cracklins/chicharrones. So I ended up getting a half pound of whole hog (which includes bits of crispy skin and cracklins), and a whole mess of chicharrones with their smoked queso, avocado crema, pickled jalapenos and pickled red onions. Truly the Cracklin Nachos are a meal by themselves or a great item to share with a good-sized group. I was grateful that Barry let me try their Big Red Burnt Ends – an incredible special that is pretty much to die for… Oh and did I mention that their house-made pickles and pickled red onions are insanely delicious as well? Or that their three different sauces are reason enough to go all by themselves? I tell ya – there ain’t nothin’ there that ain’t amazing.

If you haven’t been to either Feges location, just go. I absolutely promise you will be pleased. You can find so many delicious choices that you will likely have a really hard time choosing. So get a variety…

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