Pecan Lodge Follow-up – Dallas

Being able to get to go back to Pecan Lodge in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas was something I had been looking forward to for a good long time. There are just so many outstanding barbecue joints to try in the DFW metroplex that it had been a couple years since I got back. But I am so glad I did. If you haven’t heard of it, Deep Ellum is a really cool, funky arts and entertainment area just east of downtown Dallas. I could probably eat at a different restaurant every day for weeks and enjoy every one of them.

This time at Pecan Lodge I got to try some new stuff. They were offering brisket burnt ends and brisket tamales the day I went. I got to enjoy their their jalapeño sausage once again. And their creamy mac’n cheese was screaming my name. I have had burnt ends at many barbecue joints. And they are typically cubed-up nuggets of brisket point that are piled into a tray – effectively bite-sized pieces of heaven in a 1″ cube. However, the burnt ends at Pecan Lodge are very different. They come as one large perfectly-smoked hunk of brisket point just plopped down on the pink butcher paper, the luscious meat just gloriously shimmering with the expertly-rendered fat and beautiful bark. The flavor and texture were just incredible. Not surprisingly, the sausage was amazing as well, with a great snap to the casing and an outstanding coarse grind, delivering a wonderful mouth feel. And as expected, the brisket tamale was very good. It had a good balance of masa and brisket. And the green salsa that came with it was excellent. Their creamy mac’n cheese was topped by bacon crumbles – and it was a great carb-heavy accompaniment to the incredible meat.

Pecan Lodge never disappoints. They have worked very hard on their craft – and it shows. If you are anywhere near the downtown Dallas area, it is a no-brainer to head over there. And even if you’re not near downtown, if you are anywhere near the Dallas area, you won’t be disappointed. It’s totally worth a visit.

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