Whiskey Oak Smoke (Pop-up) – Klein

The other day I was so happy to see a barbecue trailer parked in the Ace Hardware across from my neighborhood entrance. Not being able to resist barbecue, I of course had to go over and learn more. Turns out this new pop-up BBQ place is owned and run by a new friend that I had just met a few weeks earlier who also lives in the neighborhood. Whiskey Oak Smoke has historically been a competition barbecue team. But Jonathon decided to do a pop-up this week close to home and offer some of their smoked meats for sale. And I’m so glad he did. I had been jonesing for some barbecue. I tried the brisket and the pork ribs. Oh my goodness the ribs were da bomb! Great flavor, almost falling off the bone tenderness. Awesome bark and chew. I wish I had bought a whole rack of them. Though the brisket was good, with a great bark and some excellent smoky flavor, it was still a little tough. It could have used maybe another hour on the pit to finish breaking down the intramuscular fat. However, this kind of thing happens to every barbecue joint. So I’ll be back again and will be looking forward to trying the brisket once more. For sides I went with their creamy mac-n-cheese and the smoked whole-kernel corn. Both were excellent.

If you’re near the Gleannloch Farms/Memorial Northwest area, Whiskey Oak Smoke will be in the parking lot at the Ace Hardware across from Gleannloch Farms and they’re offering take away dinner service starting at 4PM. They’ve got brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork and smoked chicken. And in addition to the mac-n-cheese and corn, they also offer barbecue beans. It is a great time to support our local neighborhood businesses. So head over there and get some take-away. I also believe they will deliver within a reasonable distance.

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