Reveille BBQ follow-up – Magnolia

I recently learned that Reveille BBQ, who opened back in May of this year for Saturday/Sunday service up in Magnolia, is now open with a limited menu on Fridays. So how could I pass up taking an out-of-town colleague and a frequent barbecue buddy to experience this great joint and do a follow-up visit this past Friday? I couldn’t.

Now — when I say limited menu, it’s no joke. They had brisket and pork ribs only, plus potato salad for a side. I asked Wyatt if they had any of their amazing blistered shishito peppers – and fortunately they had just enough to produce two orders. While the menu was limited, everything was excellent. The heavenly 44 Farms brisket was, as usual, immaculate, with a phenomenal bark, perfectly-rendered fat, and incredible smoky post oak flavor. The pork ribs were also virtually perfect. The meat had a great smoke ring and smoky flavor, and came away from the bone with a nice tug, without just falling apart. They had a great bark with incredible taste as well, heavy with salt and pepper. And those blistered shishito peppers were a really nice counterpoint to the smoked meat.

I really wish they would have had their Taco Sausage and the Tex-lote (their interpretation of Mexican street corn) on the Friday list. But even with a limited Friday menu, Reveille BBQ continues to prove to be a phenomenal Texas BBQ joint. If you get anywhere near Magnolia on Friday during lunchtime or on the weekend, you ought stop by, try their barbecue and tell James and Michael howdy for me. You won’t be sorry.

4 thoughts on “Reveille BBQ follow-up – Magnolia

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