Gatlin’s BBQ Revisited – Houston

I was very happy recently to get back to Gatlin’s BBQ for a follow-up visit. In my first trip, I was suitably impressed with the quality of the meat and the sides, even if it felt a bit commercial compared to some others of the top-tier Texas BBQ joints. 

I was grateful that the line was not too long, and so I anxiously ordered some moist brisket and spicy sausage, with coleslaw and a special elote corn for my sides. Once I ordered, I was somewhat surprised to wait 15-20 minutes to get my food. However, while I waited I got the chance to chat briefly with Greg Gatlin, owner and pitmaster, as he was hard at work out in front of the counter, making sure all his customers were happy and had what they needed. I have to believe that work ethic and focus on customer service is a big part of his success.

Once I got my food, boy was I happy. The brisket was on-point, with a great bark, nicely-rendered and a wonderful smoky flavor. The sausage was equally excellent, with a great grind and flavor. I really enjoyed the purple cabbage-heavy coleslaw. It offered a great crunch and flavor. And the Mexican-style corn was spot-on delicious.

There are many reasons why Gatlin’s BBQ continues to rank right up there near the top of the list of best barbecue joints in Houston. It’s totally worth a trip to experience their amazing smoked meats, their homemade sides, and witness their first-rate customer service.

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