Rackshack BBQ & Wings – Houston

Rackshack BBQ & Wings is a little strip mall BBQ shop in north Houston, at Spears Rd and TC Jester, not too far from the Greenspoint area (there was a previous bbq joint there called Sweet Sadie’s BBQ. They are closed now, obviously.). I went there recently to see how their barbecue stacked up. I tried not to get to hopeful, since in my experience many of the strip mall joints have not been on the upper end of the spectrum. In this case, the quality met my expectations. Rackshack is somewhere maybe towards the the middle – their barbecue was by no means great. But it was also not terrible. The brisket had a good smoke ring and decent smokiness. The ribs were OK. I prefer a drier rib to a wet one, and these did meet that. The sausage was reported to have been made in-house. And it had a good flavor. The pulled pork may have been the star of the show – it was pretty darn tasty. Overall, Rackshack BBQ & Wings is a fine strip mall joint. But certainly it is not one worth making a destination or going a long way out of your way for.


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