Chile Relleño & Street Corn Sausage -Tejas

Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue is really bringing a strong house-made sausage game! Very few barbecue places in Houston make their own sausage. And I think Tejas has nailed it. For years they have been serving a really nice jalapeno & cheddar sausage from Ruffino Meats in Bryan. They are now switching off of that delicious link to their own house-ground chile relleño sausage. And lemme tell ya – it may be the most amazing sausage I’ve ever tasted (a close second may be the house-ground sausage from Killen’s in Pearland). And their recently-added street corn sausage is just incredible as well. I absolutely love elote, or Mexican street corn. And the idea of stuffing all that flavorful goodness into a sausage casing is just beautiful – and the outcome is a great sausage link.

Tejas has so many amazing smoked meats to choose from — it’s hard to decide on any given day what to order. Many really good barbecue joints have one or two signature items. It seems that Tejas just keeps adding to an already long list of signature items.

A few of their signature items:

  • Carrot Souffle
  • Sandwiches – Brisket & Blues, Bird & Bacon, etc…
  • Mole sauce (they are a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, after all)

And now

  • Sausages – chile relleño, street corn, Brisket and Blues, various boudins (mm mm good!), all-beef link, Polish, Kielbasa, etc. — You get the idea

These are just a small example of the many reasons why I love going there! Even though they may not be “signature” dishes, the reason they are #6 on the 2017 Texas Monthly Barbecue list is because of their incredible brisket as well as the pork & beef ribs, pulled pork, turkey, michelada chicken, etc…


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