Allsup’s Burritos – Why are they so good?

I was introduced to Allsup’s burritos by my brother-in-law a couple decades ago when visiting my in-laws in southeastern New Mexico. Allsup’s Convenience Stores is headquartered not far where my in-laws lived at the time. We slipped away for a few minutes, where he shared the magical, mystical, miraculous power of the Allsup’s burrito. I really don’t have any clue why they are so good. But they are. I am certain that part of their appeal is the Chuck Wagon Taco Sauce. That combination is so tasty. Maybe I am insane, but every now and again (ok probably more often than that) I get a hankerin’ for Allsup’s burritos. Sadly, the nearest Allsup’s to me now is in Hamilton, TX, about 225 miles from home. That is just a bit too far for me to just run out and grab a couple. So hopefully there will be an occasion to head out to west Texas or southeastern New Mexico again, and then I can address that craving. Until, there is just nothing similar enough.

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