City Market – Luling

It’s been a few years now, but my last visit to City Market in downtown Luling, Texas was pretty enjoyable. A small group of us from two different companies were on a roadtrip from Houston to visit a key customer in San Antonio. Two of our travel companions were from out of town – way out of town, all the way from Taiwan. We really wanted to treat them to some great Texas barbecue. So when we were finished with meetings it was getting to be dinnertime. I suggested that we had a small chance at getting some really awesome barbecue in the small town of Luling, about an hour from San Antonio and directly on the route back home to Houston. That sounded good to everyone, so off we went as fast as possible. When we got to City Market they were very near closing time. So I was a little concerned about what meat might even be available at this late hour. Just the same, we headed to the back of the building to the cutting room and inquired what they had left. Sadly they were out of brisket. But fortunately, they still had both pork ribs and sausage. So we bought everything that they had. Since they were about to close, we headed a couple blocks south to Longer Park and sat there enjoying the great smoked meat, pickles, onions and their tasty sauce. Great memories from a serious old-school barbecue joint that still does things the old-fashioned way. And FWIW, I love that they are a cash-only place. I hope that’s still the case.

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