The Rajasthan – London

In my opinion, London, England is home to the most amazing Indian food on the planet. I was in London participating in an industry event, and directly across the street from the conference location (Old Billingsgate) was The Rajasthan. A buddy and I were very hungry the evening before the event began, and had just completed all the booth preparations, etc. When we looked across the street, we saw this restaurant and were intrigued. So gave them a try. Even though the place was nearly empty, when we asked for a table they asked if we had a reservation. We of course did not. Fortunately they got us a table – and we soon discovered why they asked about reservations. Within a very short time period, the place was absolutely packed! We are so glad we got there when we did and that we got a table – because the food was incredible!! Especially the grilled lamb chops. Man, they were amazing!

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