The Slow Bone BBQ – Dallas

I had a quick trip to Dallas this week so I got to meet up with my good buddy Jeff there to try out a consistently top-rated BBQ joint called The Slow Bone Barbecue. Truly good stuff. The lean and moist brisket were very tasty, as was the sausage. Jeff reported that the ribs were quite good (a great reason for me to go back). The mustard-based coleslaw had me intrigued; and it did not disappoint, as long as you like mustard (which for me is an understatement – I LOVE mustard!!). The mac-n-cheese was really good as well. The sauce and condiment station made me very happy – two kinds of pickles (dill and “Slow Bone”), as well as pickled onions?!?! Giddieup! And there were a number of sauces to choose from – not that any of the meat needed sauce. It was that good. And the hush puppies were a nice bonus. Totally worth the drive if you are in the Dallas area.

One thought on “The Slow Bone BBQ – Dallas

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