SouthernQ BBQ – North Houston

I don’t know how many times I have driven by SouthernQ BBQ and Catering (too many times apparently). Wish I had gone long ago. My barbecue buddy, Craig, invited me to join him today, as he and I both needed to get out of our enforced home offices for a bit (since our corporate office is still off-limits due to Hurricane Harvey repairs). I can’t remember having East Texas BBQ before so I was rather excited (OK, truth is I am excited for almost any BBQ any time, any place). I always have to try the brisket and sausage on my first visit. I had some lean and some fatty brisket. The smoke ring did not penetrate deeply. But the flavor and the bark and the moistness of the meat overcame any concerns there. I ordered the jalapeño pork sausage, which was very tasty with a great coarse grind, giving it a very nice mouth feel. Craig ordered some smoked boudin to try and boy was that a treat, especially paired with their amazing house-made firecracker saltines. They look like they started as run-of-the-mill saltines. But what Steve and Cherice do to them is unreal and very delicious. Their bbq sauce was quite good (not that it was needed) as well, with a little bit of a kick – just how I like it. I am now a fan of East Texas BBQ and SouthernQ, so I’ll definitely go back soon, especially given how close to home it is.

2 thoughts on “SouthernQ BBQ – North Houston

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