Feedstore BBQ – Southlake

Sitting among some really incredible homes in Southlake, just west of the DFW airport, is a quiet, unassuming BBQ joint called Feedstore BBQ. The name is fitting, as this place was originally the Bailey Feed Store, and has been around since the 1950’s. The current BBQ restaurant opened in 2001, and has been providing folks around the Southlake area with smoked meats since then. I got to try Feedstore BBQ recently with my cousin, Scott, and his family, who live not too far from there. I had to go with the Texas Trinity of brisket, sausage and pork ribs, which all looked delicious. Once you get your meats, which are sliced right in front of you, their sides are just down the line, and are self-serve. I went with the corn and potato salad. They also offer self-serve rolls and three different kinds of barbecue sauce.

Pork ribs – According to my cousin, Feedstore BBQ is best known for their pork ribs. They use St. Louis-cut ribs. So I started there. The ribs had a great color, very nice chewy/tacky bark, were very-nicely smoked – not over- or under-cooked, and they had an outstanding flavor. My cousin was spot on about the ribs. They’re worth the trip all by themselves.

Brisket – I asked for and got moist brisket. The bark was very good, and there was a good smoke ring. The smoky, meaty flavor was excellent as well. But sadly the fat was not quite done rendering, so a couple bites were a bit too chewy and rubbery. Still, it was a solid brisket overall.

Sausage – I tried the jalapeño cheddar sausage, which was good. The grind was good, and the casing was not overly chewy, with a very good flavor and was not overwhelmed with the jalapeño flavor and heat.

Sides & accouterments – The corn was very standard – certainly nothing to write home about. The potato salad was also very serviceable. The yeast rolls were very good. Their barbecue sauces are quite good – they offer a traditional tomato-based sauce, a spicy version with some extra kick, and my favorite was a South Carolina-style mustard-based sauce.

Feedstore BBQ may not ever make a Texas Monthly BBQ list for outstanding smoked meats. But they deliver very solid-quality barbecue in a comfortable and beautiful area of the DFW Metroplex.

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