Tejas – Akaushi Brisket!!

Hats off to Scott Moore and the gang at Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue. I got the opportunity to try a unique brisket that there were serving up – from a breed of cattle called Akaushi. Akaushi is a Japanese wagyu breed that was able to be exported for a short time in the 1990s – and fortunately a ranch here in Texas has been breeding them ever since. Scott, the phenomenal owner at Tejas, shared that though the Akaushi brisket has a small point, and thus not much “moist/fatty”, the waygu marbling of the beef makes the flat’s “lean” much more flavorful than other breeds. I have to agree. I doubt this unique brisket makes it to the everyday menu at Tejas. So on those days when it does show up, you should jump at the chance to try it. I’ve gotten to try it on two occasions. And an extra thanks to the cutter today, I believe it was Greg, who hooked me up with some incredibly tasty bark-y slices in addition to the lean and fatty cuts. And the well-rendered fat – mmmmm. And the salt-n-pepper rub – awesome! Oh – and as usual the jalapeño cheddar sausage was incredible. Always an incredible experience at this top-notch BBQ joint. There’s a very good reason they were rated #6 in Texas Monthly BBQ list in 2017.

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