Killen’s BBQ – Follow-up

It’s been a couple years since my first trip to Killen’s Barbecue down in Pearland. And that is precisely why it’s been so long – it is in Pearland. And from my house, there is no good nor fast way to get there. However, my sweetheart suggested that we take a mid-week daytrip to enjoy Ronnie’s smoked meats for my recent birthday (I’m trying not to have birthdays anymore. But the alternative to no birthday is not a good option – so I’ll keep having them). Because of the pandemic, I didn’t figure the line would be nearly as bad as it was before the world went crazy. So we made the long drive from the Klein area down to Pearland and got there around noon. There was a short line. But it was not bad at all. This time around, due to COVID-19, they didn’t have their typical aluminum trays lined with pink butcher paper, and seating capacity was much reduced. But the food was still very good. I ordered a three-meat plate, with moist brisket, smoked turkey breast, and their housemade pork and beef sausage, along with two sides – creamed corn (I cannot resist a good creamed corn) and coleslaw. The brisket was as I remembered it – just delicious, with an awesome bark and flavor. The sausage too was how I remembered it – a great snap to the casing, an excellent grind and fantastic flavor. And I was very happy with the smoked turkey as well. The sides were exceptional. I was sad, but understanding, that they don’t have their pickles and pickled onions out for self-service, and they don’t have out their usual variety of delicious barbecue sauces. Even so, it was still worth the drive. We were able to get some banana pudding for a dessert – and oh boy I tell ya that stuff is dang good! It may be a long while again before we make the long trek down there. But I’m looking forward to that food again when we do. They do it up right there.

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