My Breakfast Confession – HLTH Code

I know that most of the time I post about food that might not be considered incredibly “healthy”. I do want to set the record straight that I do actually try to eat pretty healthy. My wonderful wife makes sure I get my daily helpings of fresh fruit and vegetables, and I run 4-5 miles pretty much every day. So I do actually try to take care of myself.

One of my biggest eating challenges has been getting a good breakfast. I’m not much of a breakfast person – and never have been. But just recently I was introduced to a brand new meal replacement shake brand called HLTH Code. I have become a huge fan very quickly. Both the vanilla and the chocolate macadamia shakes taste really good. But more importantly, they only use the purest and most high-quality ingredients. So I’m getting some really good nutrition too.

This morning I used my NutriBullet and added some frozen peaches and mango to the vanilla to create a delicious breakfast smoothie. It was so dang good.

I know that HLTH Code is a new Texas-based company. So you might not yet find their products on your local grocery store’s healthy food section shelves. But you can go to their website and order — it’s totally worth trying them out. FWIW, the pricing is incredible for the quality of the product that they deliver. It really is incredibly good-quality stuff.

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