Smoked Burger from 2 Guys 1 Pit BBQ

There is a new Monday special from 2 Guys 1 Pit BBQ. It’s a burger no less. And this is one bad burger. The immense half-pound ground beef patty (certified Angus beef) is ground at Smitty’s Meat Market off Mahaffey in Tomball. It is mixed with their delicious 2 Guys rub — and the resulting superfat patty is smoked and then topped with a locally-sourced smoked gouda cheese and some really delicious thick-cut bacon (also from Smitty’s) and all the trimmings (tomatoes not pictured cuz I can’t stand tomatoes). And the bun – oh the bun is an incredible, soft-and-slightly-sweet sourdough bun from heaven. It comes with seasoned french fries that are in-house cut and fried-to-order.

I really enjoyed this burger. Even though it is a smoked patty, the flavor profile is not strong on smoke – after all, 2 Guys is all about light smoke and letting the flavor of the meat come through. And that it does, along with the rub that is mixed in. To my taste, the patty could be smashed down a little flatter – it would definitely make it easier to eat. But I wouldn’t want them to go too flat, and lose all the moist juiciness of the burger. And being a sauce guy, I’d kill for some of their Miracle Sauce on the side to go with the outstanding french fries.

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