407 BBQ – Argyle

Not too long ago we were visiting family in the Flower Mound area, when my brother-in-law shared that there was a BBQ joint not too far away in Argyle. When I realized he was referring to 407 BBQ, which was on my list already, it became a no-brainer to go check them out. We checked their open hours, and then headed over on a Friday evening. I was pretty surprised to see a very long line at that late hour, though the length of the line made me hopeful for the quality of their products. We decided to not wait, and instead came back the next morning right as they were opening. At this hour the line was not too bad, thankfully. Once we got to the front of the line I was disappointed to learn that I couldn’t buy anything less than a half pound. So I ordered a half-pound of fatty brisket and a Texas Twinkie. The brisket had beautifully-rendered fat and a deep, dark beautiful bark. But there was no smoke ring, and there was absolutely zero smokiness – no smoky flavor at all. None. It was a very nice pot roast, but not a good Texas smoked brisket. I definitely needed some BBQ sauce to add some flavor. I was very glad their sauce is very good. As my disappointment passed about the brisket, I turned to the Texas Twinkie. Fortunately it was pretty good. Given all the ingredients, there was definitely much more flavor – between the jalapeño, bacon, cream cheese, brisket and sauce, it was pretty tasty stuff.

Knowing 407’s competition barbecue and catering history, I’m confident that these guys have made some very good smoked meats. I’m just afraid that they may have had to compromise on quality in order to meet quantity requirements (they’re open until 8pm six nights a week). This is based on a bit of investigation on my part – when I went around to the back of the building after we finished, I observed three gas-powered cabinet smokers, but very little wood visible anywhere. Based on the long lines and their history, I have no doubt these guys have delivered solid barbecue in the past. Hopefully that can be rectified and future customers will also enjoy smoky, flavorful barbecue.

4 thoughts on “407 BBQ – Argyle

  1. Bryan

    Don’t know what happened to your taste buds on Saturday Dave, maybe too much beer on Friday night? There’s more than enough smoke in our meats, 18 hours says so. As for the smoke ring, tell me what they taste like? You were served some beautiful heavily marbled brisket (great photography by the way), that most restaurants would sell their first born kid to serve.
    As for the wood, there was a cord of hickory out back on Friday, and 2 more came Monday.
    The gas boxes you refer to are Ole Hickory smokers, they’re the top commercial rotisserie pit maker in the world.
    Sorry your plate didn’t fit your palette.


    1. Thanks for visiting the site and for your comments. It is definitely possible that particular brisket was not up to your typical standards – It happens to everyone on occasions – I just had bad luck that day. I can assure that my taste buds were then and are still just fine. Never touched a drop of alcohol in my life, so that’s definitely not it. 🙂 And trust me – I understand the chemistry behind what makes a smoke ring – and I recognize it has nothing to do with flavor. It was indeed beautifully marbled brisket, which was why I was so sad that it was missing smokiness. I’ll definitely be back to visit y’all and I have no doubt the next time around I’ll be very happy with the result. I’m a big fan of both Ole Hickory and J&R cabinet pits. And I recently learned of and became a fan of American Grill Co as well. But my favorite by far are the offset pits that Sonny Moberg makes over in Dripping Springs; those and the reverse flow offset pits that Arnis Robbins does out in Wolfforth.


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