Brooks’ Place BBQ follow-up – Cypress

Why did it take me so long to get back over to eat the amazing barbecue at Brooks’ Place BBQ in Cypress? I honestly have no good excuse. I’m so glad I finally did go back. It was great to see that everything was as good as or better than the last time I was there. That place is just awesome! Trent Brooks is just one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. And the food he produces there in that ACE Hardware parking lot is just exceptional. This time I around I was able to get a small group of meat-loving buddies from work to join me. So we kinda invaded that barbecue trailer. But I think everyone who joined me was glad they went.

On this visit I asked for deckle (if they had some), and if not, then some of his outstanding fatty brisket. Last time I didn’t try the pork ribs, so I absolutely had to give them a go this round. And just our luck, Trent was offering a smoked boudin as well that day. So I got to try that too. For my sides this time around I went with the cranberry almond coleslaw and baked beans. And I was not disappointed with a single bite. It was a great meal.

Brisket – The brisket at Brooks’ Place always blows me away with that super-dark and heavy bark. It’s amazing how gnarly that bark is. Wow – just wow! There is always a beautiful smoke ring. The fat was incredibly-well rendered, and the flavor was just what I dream that a bite of brisket will taste like every time.

Pork ribs – The pork ribs were every bit as good as I had hoped they would be. The bark was outstanding – nice and chewy, and with a great flavor from Trent’s special-recipe rub. The meat was moist and flavorful, and pulled away from the bone cleanly with a tug. I could not find anything to complain about those ribs even if I tried. I could eat those things all day long.

Boudin – The smoked boudin was excellent. The pork, rice, peppers, onions and spices had a very nice mouth feel and texture, as well as a great flavor.

Sides – The cranberry almond slaw was outstanding. It was crunchy, not mushy the way too many “commercial-class: coleslaw end up. The flavor combination of the cabbage, the dried cranberries, the sliced almonds and the light vinegary sauce was a great counterpoint to all the unctuous smoked meat on my plate. The baked beans were also very good, with a healthy amount of meat mixed in, and a great flavor.

Like I said at the beginning, I have no good excuse for why it took me so long to get back to Brooks’ Place. I’m just glad I did go back. And y’all should go try them too. It will be a visit well worth your time and effort.

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