Tambo Latin Fusion Food Truck – Tomball

I really love Latino food – and when I was first introduced to Peruvian food years ago, I absolutely fell in love. Until more recently I had not experienced Venezuelan food. And then I learned of a food truck in Tomball called Tambo Latin Fussion that is part of the 403EATS Food Truck Park. Tambo has both Venezuelan and Peruvian food. This last time around I got to try some cachapas, a typical Venezuelan street food, and salchipapas, an absolutely amazing street food I first experienced on the streets of Santiago, Chile. These are such delicious foods.

▫️ Cachapas – are a Venezuelan street food made from corn that look like pancakes. They are typically filled with cheese, but can also be filled with other things, like the chicken I had at Tambo.
▫️ Salchipapas – are a Peruvian street food. The word is a fusion of salchicha, which means sausage, and papas, which is potatoes. Salchipapas is generally french fries with deep-fried sausages on top, and typically covered with crema de rocoto, a sauce made from an amazingly-delicious chile pepper.

If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out. And for what it’s worth, the 403EATS Food Truck Park is a great place to visit for lots of different foods.

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