Jalapeño Cream Cheese Burger – Roadhouse Paige

At a total population of just 275, Paige, Texas is really just a dot on the map between Houston and Austin on SH290. And tucked away at the west end of this already tiny town, on Old Highway 20, is an out-of-the way restaurant that offers a must-try out-of-this-world burger. The Jalapeño Cream Cheese Burger from Roadhouse Paige is an absolutely phenomenal burger, as evidenced by its ranking as one of Texas Monthly Magazine Top 50 Burgers in Texas. You can choose from a variety of a buns – I chose the jalapeño cheese bun. The juicy all-beef patty is excellent – cooked to order, and topped with a good-sized slice of cream cheese, fresh grilled jalapeños, pickles, red onions and lettuce. The creamy deliciousness of the cream cheese balanced against the spicy kick of the japaleños makes for a great eating experience. If you get the chance, it is totally worth a stop in Paige just to try this burger. You won’t be sorry.

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