Truth BBQ – Houston

A couple years ago I made my first visit to Truth BBQ out in Brenham. They had just been listed at #10 on the Texas Monthly 2017 BBQ rankings. Leonard Botello IV and his crew were knocking it out of the park every weekend. But it was a long way for almost anyone to go to enjoy their brand of ‘cue – and they were only open on weekends for just that reason.

Flash forward now to January 2019, where a significant event in Houston BBQ happened – Truth BBQ opened their doors near downtown Houston. I had to let the first couple weeks craziness die down (there were widespread reports of insanely-long lines the first few days, etc.) So I waited a few weeks before making the drive to Heights Blvd and Washington. When I went I was pleasantly-surprised to not find crazy lines. I was not surprised to find the same incredible barbecue I had experienced in Brenham, just in a much larger location. The only downside I could find was that the parking is woefully lacking. I think I drove around the area for 15-20 minutes before finally finding somewhere to park a half-mile away. But to be honest, I got there right at the height of the lunch rush. Had I gotten there closer to opening time, I wonder if it would have been easier to find parking.

Now to the food. I of course ordered the Texas trinity of brisket, ribs and sausage. All three were world-class delicious!! The brisket was perfectly-cooked, with well-rendered fat and a great bark on the top. Interestingly, the bark on the underside was very thin. But there was a great smoke ring and great smokey/beefy flavor. The ribs were absolutely out of this world! In my view they were perfect competition-class ribs – with the meat tugging away from the bone but not just falling off. And the flavor – oh, the flavor! And the sausage was a very-flavorful jalapeno cheddar, with a nice snap to the casing. For a side I had to try what they call “Tatertot Casserole”. If you think “funeral potatoes” (for those who know what those are), they are awesome!! Not be outshone, the homemade pickles and pickles red onions were great. And the two different barbecue sauces, though not needed by any means, were both a great addition. They offer both a tomato-based and a mustard-based sauce. Though not thinking about it seriously, I had a passing thought about how to sneak a bottle of the mustard sauce out. Thankfully, my barbecue buddy Craig, gave an assist and bought me my own bottle. 🙂 That is a good friend right there.

If you live in Houston and have not had a chance to drive out to Brenham to enjoy Truth BBQ, you now have a much shorter drive and many more days in the week to experience their amazing barbecue. It is totally worth the drive to the Heights. Just go. And fortunately for those closer to Brenham, Truth will be opening back up out there again soon as well.

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