Puerto Rico – Incredible Place!!

Recently I took a quick trip down to Puerto Rico. We were contemplating taking a large youth group from our church to the island of Vieques to aid in hurricane recovery, and were doing research. Sadly that didn’t pan out. But I fell in love with the people, the natural beauty, and of course the food of Puerto Rico. Shortly after we arrived, I got to try mofongo at a local San Juan restaurant called Ropa Vieja Grill – that is such a delicious Puerto Rican specialty! The next morning we had a good friend meet us at the local airport and fly us over to the island of Vieques. What a beautiful Puerto Rico is!! We spent the morning touring around the island looking for potential significant service project opportunities – and then stopped for lunch at Duffy’s in Esperanza. I was able to try another Puerto Rican specialty – pasteles. In many ways they are like Mexican tamales. It was great to see so much of Puerto Rico from the air, thanks to Christian Evans, super pilot and great friend. FWIW, it is definitely weird flying directly over the top of a big international airport.

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