Blood Bros BBQ – Bellaire

An amazing new Houston-area BBQ joint opened in December. Blood Bros BBQ is run by two brothers (Terry & Robin Wong) and a long-time friend (Quy Hoang). They have been doing pop-up BBQ around Houston for years. And they opened their brick-n-mortar joint in Bellaire, just outside the loop. The restaurant has a great feel. The interior is painted orange (maybe it is Astros orange?). These guys grew up in Alief, not too far from the Chinatown area. And they take advantage of this heritage, integrating Asian spices into their rubs and recipes and offering some pretty awesome Asian-inspired foods.

Of course I had to go for the Texas trinity of brisket, ribs and sausage. First, the brisket – it had a phenomenal bark, a great smoky flavor, and was very moist. In the rub I think I tasted a small amount of what tasted like Sichuan spices (sometimes known as hot-and-numb spice). It was a really nice hint of Asian spice in an otherwise very Houston-style brisket. I loved that they slice the meat right there in front of everyone. While watching Quy work the cutting block, I eyed some extra-barky brisket end pieces and asked him if I could get some of them. He was more than happy to oblige – he grabbed them and cut them up for me right there. Man that brisket is so tasty!

Next to the ribs – they also had a distinct, but not overpowering, Sichuan spice flavor mixed into the incredible rub. The taste of those ribs was absolutely killer. They were moist but not oversteamed – the meat came away from the bone cleanly without just falling apart. The ribs alone are worth a visit.

Finally, they had a special sausage the day we went. It was a hot link, and boy was it so tasty. It had a great snap to the casing. I couldn’t identify all of what was stuffed inside, but it had a great grind and very smooth Asian-accented flavor & some awesome kick.

Not to be outdone, the sides and condiments are phenomenal as well. I tried their creamed corn (I am addicted to that stuff), and it was amazing – roasted with some good char on the grill, with jalapenos mixed in. Incredible flavor. Great consistency. My other side was absolutely mind-blowing. True to the Asian feel, they offer brisket fried rice!!!! What?!? Yes, brisket fried rice. I could have ordered a huge container of that and eaten the whole thing right there. I swear it would be totally worth the trip just to get this stuff! Wow. Just wow! My barbecue buddy, Craig, ordered the jalapeno coleslaw – and he let me try that as well. So delicious! Their condiments are at the next level, just like everything else they do. Their homemade pickles, which are bread-n-butter style, are thick cut and very tasty. They also make their own delicious pickled red onions. They offer both fresh and pickled jalapenos, as well as raw red onion and regular dill pickle chips. I think it is pretty awesome that everything they make is Texas-sourced, including their fountain beverages – “Real Sugar Soda” – from Oak Cliff.

If you live in or near Houston, you will not be disappointed to make the drive to Bellaire and give Blood Bros BBQ a try. But just a warning – you may find yourself returning often. 🙂

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