Alma Smokehouse BBQ – Alma

About 40 miles south of Dallas, straddling I-45, sits the tiny town of Alma, Texas. Seriously, this place has a population that is significantly lower than 500. There’s really not much there besides the Love’s Travel Stop on the east side of the highway. On the opposite side, however, next to the Chevron gas station is a little storefront with two barbecue pits out front against the feeder road. Alma Smokehouse BBQ may not look like much. But fortunately they start serving food in the morning.

It was an early morning drive on very quick trip to Dallas, and I was really needing some smoked meat (I had tried stopping at Cole’s Bar-B-Que about 45 minutes earlier only to be told they didn’t have any meat off the pits yet – more on that later in a different post). So by the time I got to Alma I really wanted something smoky. When I asked if they had any meat ready yet, fortunately they had two different kind of sausage already off the pit and ready to go. So I got to enjoy a very nice breakfast of sausage. One appeared to be a beef-n-pork link. The other was a spicy hot link that they cut the long way for me. Both were very tasty, especially for 8:30am barbecue. There’s not much to this little joint – but it does appear they at least have a solid sausage game. And I hope that means good things for other meats as well. I was sad that there wasn’t any other meat ready. But now I have a good reason to stop again in the future so I can try their brisket and pork ribs.

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