Black Pepper Crab – Singapore

One of the most amazing places on the planet to visit has to be Singapore. What an amazing city/country! I’ve only been there a couple times. But honestly, it only took once to fall in love with the place, and especially with the food. And I don’t think I have eaten anything more heavenly or delicious than Singapore black pepper crab. They do their crabs a few other ways as well. Maybe their chilli crab is most famous (and definitely very good), and the white pepper crab is pretty amazing too. But for me there is nothing more delicious than black pepper crab. I’ve eaten this delicacy at both Long Beach Seafood (where it is purported that the dish was created) and Jumbo Seafood. And honestly, I think they were equally incredible at both restaurants.

Do not pass up the chance to go to Singapore – and if you go, you gotta go out to the restaurants at East Coast Park and try the black pepper crab. You won’t be sorry!

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