Killen’s BBQ – Pearland

I’ve lived in Texas a long time, and have traveled all over the state enjoying Texas barbecue. So it was high time I tried a place I have heard about in my own back yard. So my wife went with me yesterday down to Pearland, Texas to try out Killen’s Barbecue. And boy howdy we were anything but disappointed. In truth we were both blown away. It may have been the single best barbecue experience we’ve ever had.

It helped that we were first in line. We did not want to wait in the Houston heat for hours. Once they opened, they had a special on the menu – wagyu gold brisket – which I could not pass up. I’m so glad I tried it cuz it was phenomenal!! The bark was killer and the flavor was amazing. Their jalapeño beef and pork sausage is likely the most flavorful I’ve ever tried. The pork ribs were darn near perfect with an awesome bark and flavor. The pulled pork was otherworldly delicious. And the creamed corn was incredible. Absolutely everything we tried was beyond our expectations. They make their own pickles and pickled red onions in-house, and they are great as well. And even though the meat needed absolutely zero sauce, all three of their housemade sauces (sweet, tangy and coffee) were delicious.

There are some amazing BBQ joints in Houston. And Killen’s is definitely near the top of that list. If you get the chance to go, don’t hesitate. You will not be sorry.

2 thoughts on “Killen’s BBQ – Pearland

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