Sonny Bryan’s – Richardson

On my last trip to Dallas I got a chance to visit Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse in Richardson. My original intent had been to go to “The Original” in the Inwood area. But I couldn’t make it – I wish I would have made the longer drive down, as the experience at the Richardson joint was underwhelming. The barbecue was fine – but the ambiance was not very impressive. Honestly, it felt a bit like walking into a Dickey’s BBQ (heaven forbid) – very commercial and sterile. So that was disappointing.

The meat was fine. I ordered the “Hill Country” brisket, which had more smoky flavor than their regular brisket. It tasted fine. The jalapeno sausage was reasonable, but again not overwhelmingly good. The coleslaw was good, as was the sauce.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to go to this location again. However, I do still want to give “The Original” a try when I am up in Dallas again.


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