Brooks’ Place BBQ – Cypress

I heard about Brooks’ Place not long ago from a friend. Yesterday I finally got a chance to visit, and I was blown away. It is totally worth the drive from wherever you are in the Houston area. First, about the meat – wow the meat! The brisket was moist and flavorful, with a great amount of smoke flavor, but not overpowered by it. And the bark was the most distinct bark I’ve ever seen on a brisket. I also had to try the locally-made venison and jalapeno sausage. It had a great grind and fantastic flavor. The potato salad was very creamy and delicious. Next the location – they are a food truck, permanently parked out front of an ACE Hardware at Barker Cypress and FM-529. It felt like they are a long way from everything. But the truth is, it’s not hard to get there from most parts of Houston. They’ve been here for 9+ years now, so the location is obviously working just fine for them. They use mostly red oak, with some pecan mixed in. And they keep the temp in the pit right around 250° F.

If you ever find yourself near the Berry Center or down in that Copperfield/Riata Ranch area, take the time to stop by Brooks’ Place. You will not be sad you did.

Look for a post about the owner of Brooks’ Place shortly. It is worth its own post.

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