Tejas – House-grind sausage and barbcoa!!


Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue has started making their own sausages in-house now, and they have some amazing stuff. They are having lots of fun with different kinds that they are experimenting with, putting up as specials, etc., including:

  • All-beef link
  • Brisket & mushroom
  • Beef short rib and basil boudin
  • Brisket & Blues (yes, like their sandwich and salad by the same name)
  • Street corn (think elote in a sausage!!) – amazing
  • Barbacoa boudin
  • Chili relleño
  • Polish kielbasa

I am sure there are more varieties and variations that the amazing folks at Tejas will come up with…


Also, their barbacoa is really phenomenal stuff – straight from South Texas style. I love these barbacoa tacos!

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