Homemade Carolina pulled pork

This week I got special treat – I got to try my brother’s home-smoked pulled pork while we were together on the Outer Banks in NC. It was a 7.8lb bone-in butt that he smoked at 225° for ~16 hours over hickory and apple. It had such a beautiful mahogany color on the bark. He gave me the honor of pulling it. The bone came out easily and cleanly. And it tasted so dang good! Wow! Great smoky flavor. Tender and moist. He also made creamed corn — from scratch. Also so amazing!! We of course had the never-ending debate about eastern Carolina vs western Carolina ‘cue. I’m of course a big fan on the eastern-style, with just vinegar/red pepper, and my brother is not, even though he lived in eastern Carolina long enough to have been converted by now. The best part about great food is enjoying it with people you love. Spending time with family is the best!

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