529 BBQ – Houston

While 529 BBQ is not near the top of the list of great Houston barbecue joints, it is reasonable barbecue nonetheless. The lean brisket had good smoke flavor but sadly was overcooked – it just fell apart trying to scoop it up on my fork. It should hold together better than that. And I got there right as they opened, so it was not a situation of the brisket sitting in the warmer for too long well into the afternoon. Fortunately, the fatty brisket was definitely better – the fat was well-rendered and it had good flavor. The sausage was reasonable as well. The coleslaw was crisp. The best surprise was how tasty the sauce was. It complemented the meat well. So certainly 529 BBQ is not a top choice or destination BBQ joint in Houston. But it is a reasonable representation of Texas BBQ. I wouldn’t make a special trip. But if you are really needing some smoked meat and already in the area, it’s not a horrible choice.

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