South Winchester BBQ – San Jose, CA

This week I was out in Silicon Valley for a conference and got to try a different version of barbecue. The ‘cue South Winchester BBQ was definitely not Texas-style, but just the same it was tasty. Being that I was in California, the unofficial/official home of Santa Maria tri-tip, I had to try their version, which was very smoky, flavorful and moist. I also had to see what northern California brisket was like. Happily, it was moist and tasty and very good. But I much prefer my brisket to be Central Texas style. The sides were plenty acceptable. I tried the potato salad and coleslaw. The potato salad was good but could have use a bit more mustard for my taste. The coleslaw was light and tasty, though chopped a bit too fine for me.

This is a real-deal barbecue joint, as evidenced by the two trailered Yoder Smokers burning 100% white oak, an abundant wood for the area. All in all I was very happy with South Winchester BBQ and will return again when I am back in San Jose.

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