Brisket House – Houston Champions Area

If you haven’t tried the new Brisket House on FM-1960 in the Champions Area, I’ve got a word of advice for you — don’t! It is probably not worth it. You would have hoped that with as much split-and-stacked post oak as they have on-premises to add ambiance that they would have used some of it to imbue smoked flavor into their signature brisket. Sadly, that was not the case. The brisket was certainly moist and the fat was well-rendered. But there was a dearth of smokiness. The jalapeño sausage had a good grind as well – but again very little in the way of smoke flavor.

Having experienced that lack of flavorfulness, it didn’t surprise me to see two big Southern Pride gas rotisserie smokers through their showcase window. They just apparently forgot to add any wood. The brisket was very nicely roasted (like from an oven), but tragically not smoked. I had heard good things about their other location down on Woodway, so I was very hopeful. Sadly, I am not planning to go back.

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