Old Tomball BBQ – Tomball

I’ve driven past here too many times to count. And I finally took the time to go try out Old Tomball BBQ’s brand of barbecue. I will say that I was not disappointed. I tried the brisket and sausage. The current owner was behind the counter acting as the cutter (he said he’s also pitmaster, wait staff, bus boy, etc.). I asked him if I could get some extra bark-y pieces and he happily obliged. For sides I had to try the potato salad and the coleslaw. The meat was very tasty – good bark on the brisket, ok grind on the sausage, and the sides were quite good. Hickory is the wood of choice for smoking, but there is some pecan used as well. Old Tomball BBQ is certainly not in the same class as places like Tejas and Corkscrew, and probably not quite in the same league as The Rib Tickler or The Meating Place. But it is good and tasty. I really liked the friendliness of the owner. And the facilities are very comfortable. All in all, not a bad place for good barbecue without any lines…

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