Roegels Barbecue – Houston

I finally made it to Roegels Barbecue. Holy cow was it worth the drive to the Galleria area! Roegel’s is a fantastic central Texas barbecue joint. There is a good reason they are on Texas Monthly’s Top 50 list in 2017. The brisket, pork ribs and jalapeño sausage are all outstanding. The bark on the brisket was so good – dark and very peppery, but not overwhelmingly so. The ribs were very moist, tender and incredibly flavorful, but didn’t suffer from being oversteamed like too many. The sausage had a great grind, the casing had a good snap, and the flavor was outstanding. And I had to try the banana pudding – wow was it delicious. Totally worth the drive from any part of Houston, or even beyond. This joint is darn near the top of the list for all of Houston.

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