It’s Ribs – Houston

I had to try another little local BBQ joint. This one is called It’s Ribs on Jones Rd. at FM-1960. I went intending to try their pork ribs, especially given the name of the place. But when I got there and saw that they had beef ribs too, my mind was instantly changed. Beef ribs are something akin to the pinnacle of Texas barbecue, so I had to try one. I also had to see how the brisket was. The beef ribs were very good – moist, flavorful and tender. Now they’re not as good as at the proverbial Mecca for beef ribs – Louie Mueller in Taylor. But just the same, the beef ribs were very good; well worth the trip. The brisket on the other hand was not that impressive. To be fair I did order lean brisket – so I expected it to be a little dry. But the flavor just wasn’t that good either. Fortunately I had asked to try the jalapeño glaze that they use on their pork ribs, and that helped the brisket quite a bit. Regarding sides, both the beans and potato salad were excellent.

Net net – as obvious as it sounds, when you go to a place called It’s Ribs, just stick with the ribs. And I will be back soon to try the St Louis pork ribs…

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