Rudy’s – very consistent BBQ

It’s probably not fair to do a full-blown review of barbecue that comes from a chain. However, I have to say that I am a big fan of Rudy’s Country Store & BBQ and have been for a long time. They very consistently produce tasty barbecue, from their brisket (I prefer the fatty/moist) to the pork ribs to the smoked turkey and pulled pork, their meats are very good. Their sides are always good, no matter which store you go to. And their creamed corn – what is it about that stuff? I swear it is addictive! And to be able to pull up to a gas station and buy barbecue is just cool. I know that many of their stores are no longer gas stations as well. But still… Worth the stop if you are jonesing for some ‘cue.


2 thoughts on “Rudy’s – very consistent BBQ

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