Blue Moon BBQ – Hearne

The ‘que at Blue Moon BBQ in Hearne, TX was good, but not as good as I had hoped when I first heard about it. I think part of the challenge was a very sweet but new cashier. I placed my typical order for a quarter of lean and moist brisket, and a quarter pound of sausage. She didn’t quite hear me right or I said something odd, as what I got was just some lean brisket. It was good but not great. It was dry enough that I needed sauce, which seemed to be a commercial sticky-sweet variety – not what I expected. The potato salad was good. I probably won’t make the trek to Hearne again, unless I am already cutting over from I-45 to the College Station area.

Incidentally, it is kinda cool to drive on FM-OSR, the only state highway in Texas with a completely alphabetical designation. Oh – and OSR stands for “Old San Antonio Road”. Stuff you learn in rural Texas… 🙂


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