Moonlight Bar-B-Q – The Woodlands

I finally got to one of the newer BBQ joints in the Houston area, Moonlight Bar-B-Q Company. They just opened in July very close to the location of the original CorkScrew trailer before they moved to Old Town Spring. Boy what a treat this place is. They really know what they are doing and why they are doing it. The brisket, jalapeño sausage and spare ribs were all top-notch – moist, flavorful, deep smoke ring. The potato salad was excellent and the Mexican street corn casserole was awesome! While we waited for our food we got to visit with Jim, the owner, for a few minutes since we got there earlier than most and there wasn’t a large crowd yet. He was very friendly and personable, explaining their history (he’s been doing BBQ for a very long time) and their concept, things that are coming to make it even easier to get great barbecue, etc. As we were finishing our food, and just because they are amazing people, Jim’s daughter came out and brought us each a piece of pie (today was blueberry banana – holy cow it was amazing!). What a classy thing to do. That is treating customers right.

Moonlight B-B-Q is the real thing. For those who live on the north side of Houston or near The Woodlands, it’s just not that far away. And it’s totally worth going, even from farther away. Go check them out. You won’t be sorry. You should know that during the week they are a lunchtime place – open 10:30am-2:30pm every weekday. Fortunately they just started opening Saturdays as well.

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