Ribmasters – Tomball

Someone recently asked me what I thought about Ribmasters BBQ, a new place in Tomball. They’ve been open for a few months now. I had to get out of the office for a few minutes today to clear my head, so I made the long 7-minute drive to try them out. Let me tell you – this may be a new BBQ joint for our area. But the Spivey family has been in the BBQ business for a very long time up near Tyler (Whitehouse and Bullard are where you can find their other shops). Their recipes have been refined over decades and it shows. I tried the pork ribs of course (when they’re called Ribmasters, that’s what you have to try first). They use a dry rub with a mix of white and brown sugar. The smoking process (they only use well-cured hickory) takes 3-4 hours and at the low temp they are smoking at, the sugars caramelize but don’t burn. The result is a really nice sweet and slightly spicy bark on fall-off-the-bone tender ribs. The flavor is really quite delicious. No sauce ever required here. The sides were good as well. If you live anywhere near the Tomball area, I’d recommend giving them a try. Next time I’ll have to try the brisket and sausage.

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